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 turbocharger installation, upgrades,  fitting, tuning & repairs

Nobody understands turbocharge installation & fitting, turbo upgrades, turbo tuning and turbo repairs like our highly qualified technicians here at Motson’s Automotive Service. Motorsports have been our life-long passion and this is what motivates us to become the forerunners in our specialty fields. Tony Motson are your premier choice when looking for qualified turbo mechanics in Brisbane.

Diesel Turbocharging

Since 1986 we have been Queensland’s leading 2 & 4WD diesel turbocharger installer and tuner. We supply and install turbo kits to the highest of standards to improve your vehicle’s performance and driveability. We are aware that not everyone will want a ‘one size fits all service’, that’s why we tailor make our turbocharger packages to suit your needs and your vehicle’s specifications.

Turbo-Diesel Performance Enhancement

We guarantee to improve power on your Common Rail or Diesel vehicle's performance by up to 20% with the installation of Steinbauer performance enhancing module (commonly known as a 'chip'). We can also power-up your mechanical diesel.

We also offer upgrade performance exhaust systems.

You can wave goodbye to sluggish performance and embrace improved driveability, fuel consumption and increased power when towing in most cases.

Precision Equipment

Our workshop is equipped with all of the specialised diagnostic tools for petrol and diesel vehicles which we need to have to maintain your vehicle's optimum performance. And in most cases on diesels a further improvement can be achieved with our high quality upgrade exhaust system. Since the early 1980's we have been operating a Dyno Dynamics computerised chassis Dynamometer for diagnosing and tuning cars along with 2 and 4WD vehicles. In addition, we have an in-ground laser wheel aligner that is perfect for 2 & 4WD, very low-suspension custom, race vehicles, unusually sized wheels and Classic motor vehicles. We also use off-car and on-car Electronic wheel balancers suitable for everything from small car wheels right up to the larger 2 & 4WD wheels.

Garrett Turbochargers

Garrett Turbochargers are a leading brand in aftermarket turbochargers.  Tony Motson are your local Brisbane turbo specialists . We can assist you with all enquiries related to Garret Turbochargers.

Get a 24 hour or same day quote!

Get a 24 hour or same day quote!

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